From pastures to the fire pit at the lookout
balcony of the Vipava Valley

What will inspire you?

  • vast views of the Vipava Valley and the Karst
  • the charming ancient village of Pedrovo
  • contact with local animals and herbs
  • a visit to a cheese factory
  • cooking on the hearth

Don’t overlook !

  • learning about goat and sheep cheeses and the richness of the Karst meadows
  • cooking as in the old days, on an open hearth with local ingredients
  • art gallery
  • one/half day experience

The Vipava Valley hides many remote villages where time passes more slowly. Some were abandoned a decade or two ago, but today they once again radiate creative energy. Here, many culinary specialities are created in collaboration with nature.

You will visit Pedrovo, an ancient village on the northern edge of the Karst Plateau with views of the entire Vipava Valley. You’ll get to know a cheese farm, walk to colourful pastures and mingle with sheep and goats. You will admire and pick wild herbs in a natural biodiversity market. You will return to the village, collect eggs in the hen house and taste sheep and goat milk products in the cheese factory. With the herbs, eggs and dairy products you’ll go to the neighbouring tourist farm, where you’ll learn how they cooked a century ago. You’ll prepare lunch with a chef on an open hearth using local delicacies and taste the delicious local food of the Vipava Valley accompanied by fine wines. After lunch, you’ll immerse yourself in the world of art in the gallery on the edge of the village.


  • 2-3 people: € 60 / person
  • 4-6 people: 55 € / person
  • 7-8 people: 50 € / person

Included in the price: guided tour, tasting of goat and sheep milk products, lunch.
Children up to 6 years old free of charge, children from 6 to 14 years old pay 50% of the price.